JAR The Zero Waste Shop

Our Products

Our products are things we believe will help you live a life with less waste including beeswax wrap, three alternatives to plastic straws, stainless steel lunch containers, diva cups, bamboo kitchen utensils, reusable sandwich bag, liquid and bar soap, soap nuts, and much more. Some of our products are also locally made so when you purchase you support two local businesses. 


Our Ingredients

We believe that eating organic food is important. All of our ingredients are organic and have the nutrition labels on the dispenser. We have over 100 ingredients to fill your jars with including coffees, beans, legumes, pastas, nuts, fruits, chocolate covered stuff, seeds, spices, dried herbs, flours and salts. Dry food is what we focus on the most but we also have honey, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, olive oil and a soap refill station!


our mission

To provide people with the tools necessary to reduce their waste and to educate people on the impact they have.