our Story

I didn't know what I wanted to do after high school. I wanted my career to involve teaching people about the environment and helping conserve it. My favorite thing is being outdoors and enjoying this beautiful earth. When I learned how the oceans were being polluted and the Earth was being destroyed I couldn’t stand back to watch. I quickly began living what is known as a “zero waste life” and fell in love. I only had one problem though… I (along with others) found it difficult to be “zero waste” in my area. One day while cooking I had an epiphany. Instead of waiting for someone else to open a zero waste shop, I did it myself... with hard work and dedication I was able to do it two months before I graduated high school.  

JAR The Zero Waste Shop was founded on the idea of being the change. In only a short time of being open we have seen a significant change in the community. Our goals are to help people live a less waste life and provide people with the resources to make it fun. Here at JAR are proud of all the people that have decided to reduce their environmental impact on this earth. We encourage you to encourage others and get involved!


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